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Code Generator

Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Konverter für VB6.0, ASP-VBScript und VB.NET nach C#
Description (English): VBCS 2.0 is the only software available that converts VB6® or VB.NET® code to C# inside Visual Studio.NET®. VBCS 2.0 offers a quick conversion process, few translation errors, and upwards of 90% code conversion rate. Enabling programmers to more quickly and error-freely convert VB legacy code translates to larger ROI for companies. VBCS 2.0 creates allows for the modernization of VB legacy code by offering an efficient, reliable, quick and cost-effective product to facilitate the conversion to C#. VBCS 2.0 allows for simple window forms to .NET websites to be updated for low out-of pocket cost. It also allows valuable programmers, who understand the application but may not be able to hand code the conversion, to make the switch, instead of hiring consultants. By eliminating the need to discard valuable VB source code or hire additional staff versed in both VB and C#, and by facilitating a simple and quick conversion, VBCS 2.0 will create a tremendous R.O.I. for companies needing to convert these assets.
Beschreibung (Deutsch): Konverter für VB6.0, ASP-VBScript und VB.NET nach C#
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