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DevPartner FaultSimulator (try catch block validator)
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Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
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Description (English): A significant portion of a .NET application’s code – often 20-40% – is dedicated to error handling. Yet development and quality assurance teams tend to focus on finding and fixing defects in feature code, not error handling code. This is not surprising, since determining how an application will behave during environmental situations like an unplugged network cable or guessing at potential hacker approaches is time consuming and not productive. But this testing is necessary to build secure applications that perform as planned. Compuware now offers a solution to this long-standing problem. DevPartner Fault Simulator is a unique tool using fault simulation to emulate real-world application errors. This allows developers and QA analysts alike to work in a predictable, repeatable environment to proactively analyze, debug and test application error-handling code. And because all faults are tested accurately in a simulated environment, you stay confident that your application code remains safe, production ready, and will perform as planned.
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1125 Euro 
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Remarks (English): you may contact me for more information or an evaluation


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