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Most of the data is provided by the owner of the product and therefore my contain markting material.

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Debugging/Test Tool

Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Fehlerverfolgung
Description (English): Bugaboo.NET is a simple application for updating, storing and managing personal bug lists in different software modules. Enables an easier way to keep track of development efforts in the form of tracking bugs.
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Remarks (English): Bugaboo.NET will allow developers to set project tasks, whether it is a bug or a new feature to be implemented. It can be used to track defects in the various versions of modules in software projects. All submitted bugs or tasks are automatically tracked from initial report through completion, with multiple views by project, status, assignee, and priority. In addition, the Web-based remoting site offers extensive reporting capabilities, as well as the ability to perform extensive statistical analysis of bug reports and resolutions. See for further information.


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