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Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
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Description (English): All around .Net, all about .Net. Spices.Net is powerful tool for .Net developers that offers obfuscation, multiple languages decompilation, documentation managing services, modeling and analytical features in one environment that constantly demonstrates new possibilities. Programming in Microsofts .NET Framework gives additional horizons in realization of various ideas with an extensive set of features. Altogether with these powerful capabilities one major drawback is now also a reality: decompilation to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). As a result of this feature your code may get disassembled, studied and altered by third parties. Spices.Net - next generation tool for .Net developers, that continues to offer wide range of features for developers and many more new possibilities. Now Spices.Net Suite includes one internal (system) module and 5 external - Spices.Obfuscator (non-compomise protection of .Net assemblies), Spices.Decompiler (decompilation/disassembling to 6 languages), Spices.Modeler (models and diagrams that reflects various types of assembly members relationships and structure of .Net assembly) , Spices.Investigator (.Net metadata browser at low level, provides detailed information on tokens) Spices.Informer (assembly member information provider and reporter).
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