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Vanatec Open Access
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Vanatec GmbH


Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Früher: Versant Open Access. Portierung von Java
Description (English): The usual DataSet in .NET applications creates problems for developers who want to use the full power of object-oriented programming to solve their business problems. Using business objects to organize the behavior they are calling on a proven and powerful approach. However this architectural approach is difficult to reconcile with DataSet’s rigid row and column structure. Instead of DataSet, use Vanatec’s powerful object-relational mapping to transparently map between your business objects and your relational tables. Install Vanatec OpenAccess on your machine and you experience that hand-and-glove fit of business objects and relational tables. Plug it into Visual Studio. Turn it on. And you’re ready for anything. That’s because with Vanatec OpenAccess, you’ll find all of the O/R mapping essentials built right in: transparent persistence, database flexibility and data¬base independence, reverse mapping, disconnected data support. And most importantly, it separates the storage details from your object model, simplifying your code and boosting productivity. Transparent Persistence Vanatec OpenAccess is an object-relational mapping persistence framework that offers transparent persistence through post-compilation code enhance¬ment. As such, adding persistence functionality is non-intrusive to the object model. Custom attributes are used to assign attributes to classes. With custom attributes classes can be declared as persistent, and for example indexes can be defined for class fields. With Vanatec OpenAccess, classes do not have to inherit from a specific base class or implement a specific interface to be persis¬tent. Vanatec OpenAccess does not put any restrictions on the object model and supports inheritance, interfaces and .NET Framework collections. Database Flexibility & Database Independence You don’t live in a vacuum, and neither will your .NET application. Using Vana¬tec OpenAccess, your application easily runs with various database branches, various table layouts, or even various database technologies. Only one single file needs to be edited. Can life be easier – for both you and the database administrator? Connecting your .NET application to different databases is easy in part be¬cause Vanatec OpenAccess separates the storage details from your object model. That simplifies your code and boosts productivity on the one hand. On the other, it means more flexibilty: Working with various databases, changes in the table layout or data model don‘t cause changes in the object model. And vice versa. Reverse Mapping with Legacy Databases Vanatec OpenAccess detects your existing legacy data model the moment you connect it, creates object models, and even lets you edit the object model exactly how you want it. Meet Vanatec’s Reverse Mapping wizard, your legacy database’s new best friend. The reverse mapping experience begins the minute you connect your Visual Studio project to the legacy database using the Reverse Mapping wizard. Like magic, Vanatec OpenAccess recognizes the data model and creates an object model. Then you can start developing your new .NET application. Disconnected Data Support Whether you’re thinking of mobile devices, web applications, or replications - you need disconnected data management you can count on. Anywhere, any¬time. In these cases, it isn’t possible to maintain a database connection for the duration of a transaction. For this situation, Vanatec OpenAccess offers ObjectContainer. It frees objects from databases and uses optimistic transac¬tions. It tracks which objects have been changed or are new. A callback lets you resolve any conflict. Tight Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Using Vanatec OpenAccess is easy in part because you can continue using the same application you already know - Microsoft Visual Studio. And when it comes to data access, simply choose OpenAccess in the Visual Studio menu. Fully integrated into Visual Studio, Vanatec OpenAccess takes action on the data access and it gives you the programming productivity you need to develop sophisticated applications in no time.
Beschreibung (Deutsch): Vanatec OpenAccess (VOA) ist ein objekt-relationales Mapping-Tool, mit dem der Datenbankzugriff von objektorientierten Architekturen auf relationale Datenbanksysteme extrem einfach zu realisieren ist. Nahtlos in Microsoft Visual Studio integriert, bietet Vanatec OpenAccess auf Basis eines objektorientierten APIs funktionsreiche, hochperformante Objektpersistenz mit dem Microsoft SQL Server und anderen Datenbanken. .NET-Entwickler sparen mit VOA mehr als 30 Prozent Code beim Datenzugriff; unter anderem durch folgende Funktionalitäten: - Transparente Persistenz durch konsequent objekt-orientierte Mapping-Konzepte ermöglicht Vererbung, Interfaces und .NET-Framework Collections. - Reverse-Mapping erzeugt aus vorhandenen Datenmodellen entsprechende Objekt-Modelle. - Objekt-Container erlauben Objektbearbeitung ohne Datenbankverbindung für mobile Anwendungen.
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