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Most of the data is provided by the owner of the product and therefore my contain markting material.

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Name of Tool:
Kentico CMS for ASP.NET
Company Name:
Kentico Software

ASP.NET Site-Frameworks

Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Content Management System
Description (English): Kentico CMS provides a full-featured content management system for ASP.NET Web sites, product catalogs and knowledge bases. It features content/design separation, workflow, permissions, multilingual support, full-text search, SEO, content staging, on-line forms and 27 web controls. Its delivered with user interface in English, German, Italian, Dutch and Czech.
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Aktuelle Version:
Current Version:

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>= 349$ 
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Remarks (English): Please remove this record from the database - we have just updated the other, correct record, this one is obsolete. Thank you.


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