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Name of Tool:
Gobicode HTMLLabel for Windows Forms
Company Name:
Gobicode Ltd


Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch):
Description (English):
Beschreibung (Deutsch): The HTMLLabel control from Gobicode brings the power of HTML to .NET Windows Forms. See The HTMLLabel is a fully managed control which renders HTML formatted text and images. Developers use standard HTML tags to mark up the controls Text property, the HTMLLabels powerful rendering engine then carefully positions all elements accordingly. The HTMLLabel provides unprecedented levels of text and image formatting to Windows Forms, it is now incredibly easy to render rich text effects such as *lists, *super/subscript, *full text justification and *in-line images. One of the most significant features of the HTMLLabel control is that it allows developers to extent their existing control suite. Richly formatted content can be rendered to graphics surfaces within grids, charts, list-boxes and any other controls which allows custom painting.
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Remarks (English): Fully functional trial available for download from


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