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Name des Werkzeugs:
Name of Tool:
MULTILIZER® 6.1 for .NET and VB
Company Name:
Rex Partners


Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Lokalisierungswerkzeug
Description (English): MULTILIZER® for .NET and Visual Basic has been available for .NET localization since the launch of .NET 1.0. With its support for Visual Basic 4-6, it has been popular among VB-developers even before .NET was introduced. Now Multilizer includes Visual Editors for localizing Solutions, Projects, and individual ResX files. In addition compiled assemblies can be localized. Built-in Translation Memory saves translations for future re-use. Automated validations detect common localization errors.
Beschreibung (Deutsch): Lokalisierungswerkzeug, um .NET Anwendungen zu lokalisieren
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