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Serena Dimensions
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Serena Software

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Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Change Management
Description (English): Process Driven Closed-Loop Change Management Ideal for collaborative team environments and distributed groups, Dimensions enables customers to consolidate CM applications and processes across the enterprise. The power of Dimensions delivers enormous ROI value to customers, including the ability to meet regulatory or auditing requirements, improve productivity, speed time to market and lower overall development costs. Available for all platforms and IDEs, including all distributed, z/OS and VS .NET environments. Whether you are using Dimensions for distributed or mainframe assets or both or using Dimensions within an IDE such as Microsoft .NET, you gain the advantages of tightly integrated process control, versioning, baseline management, issue management, release management, next-generation build management, and workflow management in a single system. With process control capabilities that can be easily customized, Dimensions simplifies and automates change management. Organizations can reduce IT costs, increase productivity, and better manage their technology initiatives to meet business objectives and regulatory or audit requirements.
Beschreibung (Deutsch): Serena Dimensions Serena Dimensions bietet ein prozessgesteuertes, vollständiges Change Management und ist die flexibelste, skalierbarste und umfassendste Change Management Plattform auf dem Markt. Sie deckt das gesamte Change Management für alle Applikationen und Prozesse des Unternehmens ab, unabhängig von Zahl und Standort des Entwicklungsteams. Serena Dimensions ist für alle Plattformen und Entwicklungsumgebungen verfügbar, einschließlich z/OS und VS.NET.
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Current Version:
Dimensions 10 

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