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Most of the data is provided by the owner of the product and therefore my contain markting material.

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VBdocman .NET
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Documentation Tool

Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
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Description (English): Automatic Generator of Technical Documentation for VB .NET and ASP .NET projects.
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Remarks (English): VBdocman .NET is a program for commenting and the quick automatic generation of technical documentation from your Visual Basic .NET source code files. It is ideal tool for components, controls and application authors. VBdocman parses the Visual Basic .NET and ASP .NET (only VB files) projects and automatically creates the table of contents, index, topics, cross-references, IntelliSense and F1 context sensitive help. You can add C# XML or JavaDoc comments to your source code. VBdocman contains sophisticated WYSIWYG comment editor which helps you write your XML comments. You can easily insert tables, lists, pictures, links and other formatting directly to your source code. The format of output documentation is fully configurable by user. Predefined formats are HTML Help, MS Help 2, HTML, RTF and XML.


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