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Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
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Description (English): Easily integrate dynamic passwords into existing and new software applications. Static passwords are very easy passed on, copied or intercepted. The use of a system with a “One Time Password” (OTP) or “Challenge-Response” (CR) makes it impossible, as these passwords can only be used once within a certain time frame. With a Vasco digipass token (a handy pocket- and key holder size device) it is possible to generate these dynamic passwords (OTP or CR), whether or not in combination with a Pin Entry. By using a digipass there is no need for a physical link between the user and the PC nor does it require the installation of extra software on the users’ PC. IdentiForce® is an application that makes it possible to change the static authentication of username and password into a dynamic password on websites developed in Microsoft® .NET or ASP, by using a “One Time Password” (OTP) or “Challenge-Response. A “One Time Password” (OTP) or “Challenge-Response” (CR) is generated with a digipass token from Vasco. Also authentication in Windows applications, developed in .NET or VB6, can be replaced by a Vasco digipass token. The authentication takes place in the application itself and not on the IIS web server. This allows you to apply user authorisation, once the user is authenticated.
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