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Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
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Description (English): UltimateCalendar is a set of ASP.NET server controls to provide calendar and date picker functionality. · ASP.NET Calendar Plus - Lots of additional functionality on top of existing capabilities of ASP.NET Calendar web control. · Date Picker - Display the calendar with the click of a button and get the selected date into a textbox. · Quick Pick - Jump into any month and year without navigating through each month. · Scheduler - Create a scheduler by defining a set of special dates starting and ending on specific dates and repeating every so often. · Multiple Months - Show multiple months and in various layouts on your calendar. · Multiple Selection - Select and deselect multiple days by clicking a single day, day header selector, week selector or month selector. · Header & Footer - Display any combination of HTML controls and ASP.NET server controls at the top and bottom of your calendar. · Culture - Automatically detect the current culture and change it dynamically based on your needs. · Week Numbers - Display week numbers at the head of every week on your calendar. · Disabled Days - Specify a set of disabled dates separately or a range of enabled days. · Server-Side API - Use extensive server-side interface to customize the calendar based on your page design and programming requirements. · Client-Side API - Handle events and maintain calendar content without any postback to server.
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