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Most of the data is provided by the owner of the product and therefore my contain markting material.

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AddFlow for .NET
Company Name:
Lassalle Technologies


Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Workflow- und Flussdiagramme
Description (English): Add interactive flowcharts and workflow diagrams to your applications. - Create workflow diagrams, database diagrams, communication networks, organizational charts, process flows, state transitions diagrams, telephone call centers, expert systems, graph theory, quality control diagrams and more. - Drawings can be made interactively or programmatically - Advanced diagram graphics including color gradients and anti-aliasing - SVG support, XML support, printing support, line routing, unlimited undo/redo - Small deployment assembly (approx. 300kb) - Clear and powerful object model written in 100% .NET managed code - Runtime royalty free
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Remarks (English): Graph drawing autolayout components are provided in the LayoutFlow for .NET product.


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