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Most of the data is provided by the owner of the product and therefore my contain markting material.

Name des Werkzeugs:
Name of Tool:
Company Name:
Timothy Humphrey


Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch): Navigation (Menüs etc.)
Description (English): TimothyHumphrey.WebControls is a collection of web controls for use with ASP.NET applications. It includes a highly customizable menu, antispam hyperlink, and frame controls.
Beschreibung (Deutsch):
Aktuelle Version:
Current Version:

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kostenlos (Open Source) 
URL für weitere Informationen:
URL for information:
Remarks (English): Version 1.4 currently exists as a fully functional public preview and may be downloaded from the listed download URL. It includes significant enhancements and improvements over version 1.3 and should be used if you feel comfortable with using the controls. The list of changes in version 1.4 can be seen here: . Note, this version will be released in August 2006 and will be compatible with ASP.NET 2.0. No testing for ASP.NET 2.0 compatibility has been performed. This does not mean it will not work with 2.0, just that no positive statement may be made of this at this time.


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