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Dundas Chart
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Dundas Software


Visual Studio .NET Add-In:
Kurzbeschreibung (Deutsch):
Description (English): The most advanced ASP.NET Charting Package available, Dundas Chart for ASP.NET Enterprise Edition can take your raw data, massage and manipulate it, and then present it to your end-users as sensational looking charts! Quickly add advanced business intelligence, formula support, data grouping, filtering and many other advanced abilities to your charts. After an intense development cycle, version 5.0 offers some unrivaled new features, reinforcing Dundas Chart for .NETs position as the most advanced charting package available. Version 5.0 includes new Visual Studio 2005 Features, and will also include the recently released Dundas OLAP Services(TM) in the Enterprise Editions as well as several other exciting enhancements.
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